Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster

Desk Review

Looking for a quick and objective assessment from a qualified source to help you determine the validity of an automobile collision or injury claim?  Our Desk Review is the service for you.  Our accident reconstructionists can examine a limited amount of information and provide an opinion within two weeks whether or not it is likely that a collision occurred as claimed.  Similarly, our MD and PhD biomechanical experts can review documents and injury claims and provide an opinion within two weeks as to the injury potential of the collision.

Full Scope Analysis

Has your claim proceeded to litigation?  If so then a comprehensive review and analysis of case materials by our MD or PhD biomechanical experts is warranted.  Unlike the Desk Review, a Full Scope analysis involves the review of a greater amount of information and an in-depth analysis to determine whether or not sufficient force (and the direction of the force application) was present in the event to cause the alleged injury(s).

Although a Full Scope analysis involves more time, we understand that you are constantly weighing the benefits and costs of defending yourself against a particular claim's exposure.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on being able to work within the budgetary constraints of most all of our clients and offer low cost options that get you the first class work and results BRC is known for.

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Insurance Adjuster